Preparing for Civil War: Chart Shows DHS Has Bought Hundreds of Millions of Rounds of Ammo Since 2009

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Alex Thomas
The Intel Hub

In the last six months manyarticles and reports have been written that detailed the hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition that theDepartment of Homeland Security has purchased since Obama took office in 2009.

This astonishing amount of purchased ammunition has lead many to speculate and believe that homeland security is actively preparing for what they believe will be a bloody and extremely violent American uprising and or civil war.

When you couple this large scale buildup of ammo with bulletproof checkpoints, law enforcement bulletinslabeling everyday Americans as possible terrorists, and a series of videos that painted middle class Americans as the new Al Qaeda you can clearly see that at least portions of DHS are planning for some sort of violent confrontation with the American people.

The chart below (broken up into three screen shots), put together by James Smith of the Prepper Podcast Radio Network, displays all the types of ammunition, the frequency of the purchases, the quantity, and the company that the ammo was purchased from.

Why is the Department of Homeland Security buying ammo as if they are about to go to war if that is not their exact plan?

It is also important to consider the fact that Obama has given DHS extraordinary powers in the event of an emergency regardless whether or not they created it in the first place.

Sadly, there is little to nothing standing in the way from rogue agents carrying out a false flag which in turn would give the entire agency dictator like powers, turning America into a full fledged Fascist police state.


2 thoughts on “Preparing for Civil War: Chart Shows DHS Has Bought Hundreds of Millions of Rounds of Ammo Since 2009

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