by: IBD Staff
Friday, July 20, 2012
Fat government great for bulging nontaxpayers

President Obama’s big-government push is guaranteed to get little push-back from the growing group of nontaxpayers. Photo Credit:AP/Susan Walsh

The proportion of those paying no income taxes continues to hit higher highs — a trend that will ultimately make lowering taxes and reducing government impossible. …

A new study from the Tax Foundation found the number of those filing tax returns who pay no income taxes now numbers over 58 million, amounting to a staggering 41% of all tax returns. …

A tax-cut-oriented simplification of the IRS code — so urgently needed today — will soon be politically impossible because of so many millions off the income-tax rolls, an increasing number of them middle-class.

Read more:http://times247.com/articles/report-non-taxpayers-bolster-big-government#ixzz21OjHbgbQ


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