by: Joel Gehrke
Saturday, July 21, 2012
Homeland Security warned of theater attacks

A police officer stands guard as people line up for a screening of the new Batman movie at a theatre in midtown, July 21, in New York.Photo Credit:AP/Mary Altaffer

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials warned “first responders” in May — just two months before the shooting this weekend at a Colorado theater — about the possibility of terrorist attacks on American movie theaters.

The concern was prompted by terrorist attacks on theaters in Africa carried out by Al Qaida and Al Shabaab. “These recent instances demonstrate that mass gatherings such as those associated with theaters likely remain attractive terrorist targets,” DHS wrote in the May 17 memo, which was highlighted by the transparency website, Public Intelligence.  “We encourage facility owners and operators, security personnel, and first responders to remain vigilant and report suspicious activities and behaviors that may indicate a potential attack.” …

DHS especially warned about “persons in crowded areas wearing clothing that is unusually bulky or atypical for the season, possibly to conceal suicide explosives or weapons.”

Read more:http://times247.com/articles/dhs-warned-about-theater-terrorist-attacks-in-may#ixzz21OgHrDHZ


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