MILITARY INSIDER: Barack Obama’s “Troubling” Personal Behavior

by  on July 23, 2012 

For the first time in over two years of interviews, a powerful and highly influentialWall Street insider allows for direct interviewparticipation of a figure we will simply call “Military Insider”.  What follows is the second of a two part interview with both of these individuals who warn of an impending crisis within the United States fully manufactured by other powers hoping to secure a second term for “the man calling himself Obama”.  For those who have followed the arc of these insider interviews from the beginning – you know just how accurate they have proven to be.  Please remind yourself of that as you read this latest discussion.

PART ONE AVAILABLE HERE:  MILITARY INSIDER: President Obama – “By Any Means Necessary”

WSI:  What is now being planned for the United States is not regime change – but the final implementation… and to use the words of the man calling himself Obama, the fundamental transformation of the United States of America that can only be assured by a second presidential term.

That plan to ensure a second Obama term as it has been titled, is to take place “By Any Means Necessary”.

UM:  (To Military Insider)  Is that how you would describe this?  A “fundamental transformation” – something to take place by any means necessary?

MI:  I would call it an operation reaching its intended conclusion – yes.

UM:  And what is that conclusion – what does America look like after Barack Obama’s second term?

MI:  -Name deleted- is right.  Review what took place in Brazil.  That is a working model for the Obama administration.  Or Argentina right after 2001.

WSI:  Excellent example there –Argentina.  That is exactly what is being attempted by those who placed Obama in power. Argentina. Argentina, Kirchner, the recent auto bailouts – for those with open eyes the parallels are far too familiar to be mere coincidence.

MI:  We were warning State about Argentina and Venezuela…well over ten years ago.  The threat it posed to the entire region.  The 5th Republic in the 1990s, Kirchner’s massive expansion of government control following their own economic collapse…that should sound familiar.

WSI: Kirchner has not been nearly so dangerous as his wife – what she has initiated in the last few years.  Again, I would strongly suggest you study the parallels between that country and our own.

UM:  For the sake of the readers I have to ask – who is Kirchner and the wife?

MI:  May I?  (asking WSI)

WSI:  Yes – by all means.

MI:  Néstor Kirchner rose to power in Argentina following the country’s economic collapse. Argentina couldn’t pay its own debts and private industry began to be taken over by the government.  Kirchner helped oversee that process.  He overtook the media outlets and created a strongly populist persona.  Very similar to Chavez in Venezuela, a platform that promised to crack down on corruption and the abuses of the wealthy while behind the scenes he was simply taking over billions of dollars from private industry and handing it over to his own government officials.  He could have been a leader in the United States Democratic Party of today.  What made him more dangerous than Chavez is that Kirchner was far more friendly…his appearance and personality, made him very popular.  That includes particularly strong ties to Israel.

WSI:  That is not entirely true.

MI:  With all due respect sir – yes it is.

WSI:  On this we disagree.  At least in degrees of understanding.  You are not privy to the personal contacts I am regarding those working within that government.  While some were…yes…they were friendly and supportive of Nestor Kirchner, other factions within Israel knew him for what he was.  They warned of both he and his wife.

MI:  You are talking about the dispute between IMF and the World Bank?

WSI:  (Raises eyebrows and looks directly at UM – followed by a pause)  We are getting off track in this – perhaps a return to the original subject would serve our purpose more effectively?

UM:  What dispute between the IMF and the World Bank?


(Long Pause)

MI:  Sir?

WSI:  I will explain this.

MI:  Yes sir.

WSI:  In fact…it is an explanation that further solidifies the ties between the Kirchner regime and the man calling himself Obama – those closest around him.

…Kirchner was quite fond of blaming the previous administration for anything negative associated with his own rule.  Again – sound familiar?  He was very adept at doing so, having the Argentinean media of course to assist in that deception.  InAmerica…some of us who knew better…much better…we were raising alarms in those media outlets still favorable to freemarket principles, of which Kirchner most certainly was not.

In essence, Mr. Kirchner was an absolute fraud.  A thief of private money, a repeated liar, one who constantly would demagogue for more power at the expense of any who opposed his lust for popularity and approval.  He and his wife, a woman still running that country, lived as billionaires off of the monies taken from the people and private industry.  Again I ask – sound familiar?

He held aggressive moments of dispute with IMF officials over terms of repayment resulting from his country’s default – the very same default that helped to propel him to power.  Power which then extended far beyond leadership and influence of Argentina, but rather the entire South and Central American region.  Please note that example – the man calling himself Obama has been promised something very similar to that achieved by Mr. Kirchner.

Specifically to the IMF controversy…those running the IMF at that time were somewhat more…conservative in nature.  That conservatism has since undergone radical change toward a far more interventionist and globalist view of its role as finance czar to the world.

UM:  Lagarde.

WSI:  Yes – among others.  What is perhaps somewhat interesting is that it was a some within the World Bank who advocated for that transformation within the IMF – but now it is the IMF which bends the World Bank to its own will.

At any rate…Kirchner’s successor was his own wife – Cristina Fernández, and she has set out to finalize the massive government control and expansion her husband initiated prior to his…death…in 2010.

UM:  How old was he – when he died?

WSI:  Sixty I believe.  Is that correct?

MI:  Yes sir – he was sixty when he expired.

UM:  What was the cause of death?

MI:  Heart failure.

UM:  Uh-huh…


(Long pause)

WSI:  As I was saying…the wife now controls Argentina.  But where her husband was very much in the…proverbial pocket of the labor unions…she has not shown the same ability or willingness to engage in a similar relationship.  Where her husband was willing to share in some aspects of power – she demands all control.

UM:  Like Obama.

WSI:  Yes.  Cristina Fernandez is a tyrant against free market capitalism.  She advocates strongly for what is known as state capitalism – in essence a system by which all means of production is controlled directly by a centralized government.  Merely a more friendly term for dictator.

So it is this dictator that the man calling himself Obama invited to the White House—

MI:  (interrupts) —it was Jarrett who initiated the invite.  Valerie Jarrett.  Sir.

WSI: …Yes.  Jarrett.  And how then does the President of the United States publicly describe this dictator of Argentina, a woman who has personally taken billions in private industry value and given it over to her own government?  What does the man calling himself Obama say of such a figure?  He calls here a great friend and indicates all world leaders could learn lessons from her!  That was in 2010.

But…her own time in power may now face its greatest challenge.

UM:  How?

WSI:  You mean who.

UM:  Ok – who?

WSI:  Leo Gerard.  As I said, Fernandez no longer wishes to share power among the labor unions as her husband did – and so, she now faces the full on power of one of the most powerful men in the world – Leo Gerard.  Gerard has been very busy of late.  Despite Barack Obama’s faulting campaign, Gerard appears quite determined to carry on his own obligations to prepare for the culmination of one world governance.  Gerard had a direct hand in the manipulations of the IMF that favored both Kirchner and global unionization, and placed Lagarde as the head of that institution.  And now he continues his work, and has expanded his own personal influence across the globe…without little more than a whisper from media sources of course.  Obama has become as much a tool of distraction as he is a tool of progressive power.  Always dancing to the tune being played by Gerard – Leo Gerard is the organ grinder to Barack Obama’s dancing monkey.

UM:  (looking shocked)

WSI:  Please – you know better than to consider that statement as having any racial connotations.  It is simply an effective visual regarding the relationship between Leo Gerard and the current false President of the United States.  The hue of Obama’s skin has nothing to do with the premise – Gerard plays the tune – Obama willfully dances to it without question.

MI:  Sir – if I might add something to this?

WSI:  Yes.

MI:  You should look into Botswana as proof of Mr. Gerard’s determination.

UM: Botswana?

MI:  Yes – ongoing labor dispute.  Began in 2011.  Recently…the trade unions are overtaking the government there.  And then…you can connect the dots directly to the Obama’s.  The timing of it is all there.  And again…Jarrett made the call.  She sent the First Lady there…the trip was a cover for more direct involvement by the administration and it was all done at the demand of Leo Gerard.


UM:  Eh?

WSI:  Do as he says – look into it.  What your readers are so very good at – connecting the dots.

MI:  And there is the global federation…Gerard’s personal army.  Tens of millions of people…multiple nations.   Activity in the Middle East, Asia, Africa,South America…he’s consolidating everything now.  Normally the United States would be all over it…intervening…close monitoring at the very least…but not this administration.  This administration is advocating the consolidation…every step of it.  The second term…the president’s second term…that will finish the job.

WSI:  What’s that phrase…all the stars are aligning?  The European crisis…Italy now hangs by a mere thread.  We are doing all we can to prevent its collapse…but there are those…they are pushing in the opposite direction.  Collapse Europe, then initiate the municipal bond crisis throughout the United States.  It could very well be accomplished within days – a few weeks at most.  The fiscal contagion would spread very quickly.  And there and then we would see Gerard’s army step into the void, spreading further chaos, fear, uncertainty so people would be crying for government to give some semblance of normalcy.  What are but a few personal liberties given up for the good of the many? Greece was a trial balloon.  So too will be France.  ButItaly…Italy is the key.

MI:  There is Israel’s role…some in its own government think they can play this to their own advantage.  I’ve seen the reports.

WSI:  You see what they want you to see.  You should know better.  Those “reports” are manufactured to harm the Prime Minister.  Stop bringing up this subject – this is neither the time nor the place for that discussion.

MI:  Sir…don’t insult my intelligence.  I am not indicating anything against the Israeli Prime Minister…but there are people inside that government who are gambling on the outcomes…and they shouldn’t be doing that.  The dangers are—

WSI:  (interrupts) That is enough!  Do you understand?  (smiles at me)  I apologize for this…disagreement.  We have been at odds on this subject for some time now…and we likely always will.

MI:  Sir – you invited me here to tell part of what I know.  That’s what I’m doing.

WSI:  And now I invite you to shut up.  Thank you.

MI:  Yes sir.

UM:  What is he talking about?  With Israel?

WSI:  Mere paranoid speculation.  Nothing more.  They…they have not always enjoyed their working with particulars within the Israeli government. (Pause)  That need not be a part of our discussion here though.

…What I suggest you do now is to refocus your work on Leo Gerard – do as –name deleted) suggested…the dealings in Africa in particular and the global federation Gerard has formed…watch closely for any IMF news…there are those inside who will help tip us off to their intent…and as we near the month of August…we will be successful in alleviating the European crisis or we will not…it is that simple.

UM:  I want to ask you about Denver.  WHI had told me the story of Barack Obama’s behavior inDenver…and the death of his friend…the political operative.

WSI:  What of it?

UM:  Can you corroborate that story?  That behavior from Obama…did it really happen?

(WSI looks over at MI)

MI:  You told me to shut up.  Sir.

WSI:  Answer his question.

MI:  Sir?

WSI:  What you know about Denver – the convention.  Barack Obama’s behavior.  You know the story, right?

MI:  Yes sir.

WSI:  True?

MI:  (Looks over at UM)

…What you wrote about…that behavior…it would be…consistent with what others have witnessed.  In private.  Those very close to the president on a day-to-day basis.  There’s personal behavior associated with this president that some find…troubling.  Your report – what was alleged to have been witnessed…yes.  I would consider it accurate.


UM:  Have you ever killed someone?

MI:  What?

WSI:  (Eyes widen)

UM:  In your work – have you ever killed someone?


(Author’s Note:  Almost as soon as it was spoken I realized just how inappropriate the question was – but having been said, it hung out there waiting for a response.  That response came back wordless and powerful.  The figure sitting across from me, who had up to that time given me at least the appearance of respect, looked at me directly for what felt to be a far too long time.  It was under that withering gaze I then already knew the answer to the admittedly idiotic question.  There has been only one other time in my life I have looked into eyes similar to what I saw that day at the conclusion of this interview.  About a year before leaving Northern Ireland to come to America, there was a neighborhood kid some ten years older than me who I had always looked up to.  One of those strong athletic types a younger boy wishes they will someday grow up to be.  When he reached the age of 17 he left home for Belfast.  His family did not say much on his departure but rumors circulated that he had joined up with the IRA, which of course made his family an enemy of the English-Protestant majority of our small coastal town, but a hero to the Catholics.

He returned some two years later and I was shocked at how much older he then appeared.  Our paths intersected just across the street from my home one day and I looked up at him shouting a friendly greeting.  This young but now older beyond his years man who I had long admired as a boy looked down at me with eyes very similar to those of MI – unsmiling and with the accumulated experience of one who has seen and done those things blessedly unknown to the rest of us.

I am so very sorry for my tasteless and unthinking manner in asking that question.  I should have known better.  I won’t detail the few remaining words spoken but merely state the interview came to a quite abrupt and understandable conclusion.  –UM )


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