Martial Law


DEES Illustrations Obama Martial Law used with permission

Martial Law; is now coming at us from every possible directionIs it here now; or soon to be announced? Perhaps it is just a matter of degree, but we are definitely on a perfect trajectory to it.

Baseball fans seem to have the knack of being able to discern the trajectory, distance, and point value of the ball from the sound at the moment it is hit. Archers have been able to hit an aspirin in flight; sniperscan range out to 2.47 km., for three ‘hits’.

Believe it or not, there are people skilled in the art of political observations that can divine the political trajectory by similar skills. Their findings are that ‘We the People’ are in the crosshairs of everything being done, this last decade. We have been assured that the motives are for the benefit of ‘the people’, however what is left unclear is who among us they are referring to.

The secret, that is not so secret, is called Martial Law. Martial Law is defined as: The exercise of government and control by military authorities over the civilian population of a designated territory.

One could make a very good case that we have already arrived, but that is just a matter of degree. The only argument that could be presented would be over the meaning of the words “By Military Authorities”. No matter the alphabet nomenclature, we need to put into perspective the old adage, ‘Looks like military, marches like military, dresses like militaryacts like military and has military weaponry and equipment. Posse comitatus, even while being circumvented by nomenclature and lawyer-speak, is still on the books,even while being ignored. And so much for that ‘One Nation under God, with “Liberty & Justice” for all’!

One of the biggest measures of total control is the institutionalization of a two tiered (or three) system of laws and enforcement (or lack thereof). More about that in another article, but isn’t that part of the definition of Tyranny?

The BIGGEST public misconceptions are concerning Martial Law; that ‘It won’t happen here’.

THAT is just wistful thinking. It IS HERE now; it just hasn’t spread its wings to full extension, yet.

The other misconception is that ‘people will fight back’. The stark reality is that when it kicks off for real, for real; it is too late. What they don’t realize is that as a military ‘operation’ it will come in the night without warning. Think: Shock and Awe. Think:Katrina. Think: BlackoutConfuse and Control. Think: ‘War of the Worlds – Grover’s Mill NJ. For those that have never experienced it, it is nothing to look forward to. The VIPR ‘probes’ we are nothing like the real thing, nor the ‘stop, frisks, confiscate and imprison’.

Based on the Argentine experience, it might go something like this;


  1. Cut off civilian communication systems, isolate and confuse everyone to soften them up.
  2. Heavily restrict travel. Toll booths become control posts, bridges are inspection points.
  3. Broadcast propaganda over all media that justifies action and limits reactions.
  4. The message is; sit tight, shelter in place, wait for instructions, watch the programming.
  5. Block off neighborhoods, send trucks, troops and dogs to sweep houses, and round-up strays.
  6. No one enters or leaves until the ‘authorities’ are done, even ‘loyal’ troops on foreign soil.
  7. Raise the prices of everything, so sooner or later EVERYONE has to ‘come out’.
  8. Drones can spot them when they do, or move, and FEMA camps are ready and waiting.
  9. They can use wires on genitilia or water boarding as a BFF locater, and information finder.


The only good news is that if you are illegal, or a tourist, you can probably BUY your way out of any jam with cash, or you may only be deported. If you are a citizen, all bets are off, and the attempted bribery will add time to your incarceration.

While you have been kept too busy to care, while you have been following the MSM news and watching the ‘entertainment’ on TV, all of the gear has been set in place,training is ongoing… While your attention was elsewhere, all of the planning has been done. While you were sleeping, everything has been wired up. All that is left is for ‘them’ to do is to establish justification to initiate the proper circumstance to detonate the processes.  At that time there is NOTHING that you can do. It could accidental that all of this has just fallen into place, but that reasoning wouldn’t hold up to either, logic, the embedded links, or all of the available facts.

We might not have much time left.


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