United States Drought – Current Conditions and One Month Forecast.

August 6, 2012  U.S. Drought Monitor: The drought monitor focus is on broad scale conditions, across the U.S. through July 31, 2012. It was released on August 2, 2012. Note the drought intensity color scale in the lower left. Below is a detailed map of the Western U.S.:

Below are details for the United States High Plains States:

Below, are details of the United States South Central States:

Below, are details for the U.S. Southeastern States:

Here are the U.S. Northeastern States:

Below, is a one month forecast through August 31, 2012. Note color coding. The red section, in the middle of the country, is expected to be the hottest over the coming month. The “B” or below normal regions are shown in blue. The “EC” regions stand an equal probability of being either B (below normal), N (normal) or A (above normal).

As explained in yesterday’s post, the drought is expected to continue through the end of the year, with peaks and valleys through 2015. Hot and dry conditions are expected to fluctuate with cold and dry conditions on a sudden and unexpected basis. The operative word is “dry.” (Credits: the USDS, NOAA and other Government Agencies).


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