Illuminati Occult Symbolism in London’s Olympic Closing Ceremony

If the Opening Ceremony presented us with several dark symbols from occult Britain, the Closing Ceremony foreshadowed their New World Order will be and who will rule over it.

British Celebrities popped up, dead and alive, one after the other to entertain the masses, making them feel safe and free and forget about the mega security initiative undertaken for the games and how much of that big brother equipment will remain intact once everyone packs up and goes home.

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Black and white masonic pattern.


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Black and white masonic theme continued.
Crown on top of an all seeing eye?

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Black and white masonic theme.

After a few performances, the circus-like show continues with the athletes coming into the stadium as ONE instead of as separate countries, as they usually do.

This focus on bringing the world together peacefully is a traditional Olympic theme, but it is still hard to ignore the militarized zone surrounding this peaceful gathering.

The aim is to normalize a police state presence by mixing it with feel good entertainment.

For example, a militarized formation carried in the larger than life billboards of the British supermodels. But is there really any room for freedom in a heavily surveillanced society?

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Notice the military personnel on alert.


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Next a bunch of transhumanistic dancers dressed in military camouflage build a white (illuminated) pyramid. Here the masonic theme is continued.

The pyramid represents the hierarchical structure of the Occult religion. The elite on the top, the masses at the bottom and the patrolling police and military in between.

Participating countries’ flags are strategically placed behind the pyramid, suggesting this religion has global reach.

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Occult Pyramid



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– A weird octopus appeared in the center of the British flag, without any context. It probably signifies the long reaching arms of the new world order leadership.
–  Annie Lenox’s boat of the slaves with Lucifer (the guy with the black wings) was perhaps the creepiest part of the show. The singer was dressed as a witch High Priestess in red and black and looked possessed. We wonder what the meaning of the tortured people inside the boat is. The dissenters?

What could be called a tribute to John Lennon was also a chance to play the New World Order’s theme song, Imagine. It seems the lyrics go against what the games celebrate – national pride and healthy competition.

Instead, the late John Lennon wants us to imagine a world with no countries, where nation states lose their sovereignty and submit to a world government. A world with no possessions, no Heaven no Hell and no God.

Sounds a lot like a communist, socialist, military dictatorship.

Another appearance that I thought was quite fitting was by the Illuminati puppet Jessie J.

She performed her hit song, Pricetag, which shot her to stardom and which appears on the surface to be about artists creating music for music’s sake and not for the money. But the real message is that it’s all about indoctrination, about shaping the youth’s attitudes and values through influential pop culture.

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Jessie J singing “Price Tag” in a Rolls Royce.
The celebration of fame and fortune.

What was the most obvious and oldest occult symbol in the ceremony was the Phoenix rising from the flames.

“The Phoenix … is believed to be a divine bird going back to Egypt … This Phoenix destroys itself in flames and then rises from the ashes. Most occultists believe that the Phoenix is a symbol of Lucifer who wascast down in flames and who they think will one day rise triumphant.” [Bill Schnoebelen, quoted by Dr. C. Burns, “Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated“, p. 123]

In Beijing we had the fertilization of an egg, last month we took a stroll through the Garden of Eden and Babylon, and then we saw that egg turn into a giant baby head. Earlier tonight, as a giant octopus stretched its tentacles throughout the world from London, reaching a billion people, Lucifer rose from the place where you often find him hiding in plain sight – Popular Culture.

Although the game’s celebrations may seem ominous with their sinister symbols and satanic references, we know that even if they are heralding the birth of the Antichrist, the emergence of the New World Order or the rise of Lucifer himself, God is always in control and Satan’s time is short. Their symbols have no power over us.

– The next Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro. Instead of Christ the Redeemer, what we saw was the Brazilian singer dressed as Yemanjá. Yemanjá is the pagan voodoo goddess of the seas, aka Leviath or Cthulhu (remember the octopus). Satanists say that every country is ruled by a lieutenant of Lucifer and his element, and Brazil is ruled by water and Leviathan. Therefore, what we saw was the torch being passed to the demonic overlord of Brazil.

The gran finale was a Phoenix bird in flames, rising from the fiery cauldron and dominating the whole stadium. In the distance, the bird reminds us of the Nazi eagle in the Berlin stadium in 1936. This was followed by a demonic act with dancers dressed with fire costumes. A winged man (the Phoenix) lands and takes a woman to dance with him, at the tune of the very occult song “Rule the World”. The message is clear: take the hand of Lucifer and come rule the world with him.


It seems that we are indeed living in the times of Alice Bailey’s demonically authored book “The Externalization of the Hierarchy”. She said that the esoteric secrets should be shared with the masses, so the AntiChrist could arise. Occult literature, especially Albert Pike’s, also speaks of a Third World War that is necessary for the demonic leader to arise to power from the ashes of a old world order.

The message of the ceremony is that we should expect some major war, probably involving America (the dying eagle), from whose ashes the Phoenix, the Illuminati leader, will be born.


Occultists suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. Since they don’t trust a loving , forgiving God, they must follow exact rules, symbols and chants in order to please their master, get rewards and avoid punishment and death. That’s the way Lucifer keeps them enslaved. The concept of a God who dies for their sins is alien for them.

Those who love God don’t need to understand all their symbols and tricks. It is enough for us to know that the Illuminati have the power to perform a blatant satanic ritual in the face of millions of viewers all around the world. It seems they are bragging about a coming war and the rise of their anti Christ Messiah. They want people to believe their regime will be fun and peaceful. All the world together celebrating.

Our responsibility is to be watchers and warn people of the coming evil, the horrible consequences of a New World Order and the need to get right with God right now.



3 thoughts on “Illuminati Occult Symbolism in London’s Olympic Closing Ceremony

  1. great job who ever put this together. I love the olympic’s for the pure sport aspect, but as a Christian, I love it even more to watch the occultism that the Illuminati put together. Christ Jesus come quickly! May the Holy Spirit open the eyes of those who see this site and do not believe come to Yeshua, Messiah to the world and all man kind.

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