The Department of Homeland Securities ICE Wants 165 Million More Rounds of Ammunition

The madness continues.

The Department of Homeland Security, through the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, hasrequested another 33 million rounds of .223 caliber 62 grain ammunition in the base year, and for 4 subsequent years, with a limit of 165,000,000 rounds.

Click on the below images to view screen shots of the documents.


The base year, 2012, allotment of 33 million rounds will be due sixty days after the contract is awarded.

All the ammunition that has been contracted for purchase by the US Government in this month alone is staggering.

See the following stories:

The Prepper Podcast Radio Network has started a petition directing dialogue between the President and the American People about this matter.

Please take a moment to sign it. You can find the petition at:



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