A Blood Bath Comes Our Way, PLEASE WAKE UP!


Published by brother Gary Gardner

I wish to inform all my brothers & sisters of an upcoming disaster, because very few know or want to know, that a blood bath of epic proportions is fast approaching for every livestock producer in the United States. I know many will say, “So what! What has that to do with me?” It has everything to do with anyone who eats beef, chicken, pork, goat, lamb, eggs, ANY KIND OF MEAT or drinks milk, it will affect you, your family, our country, the world.

Because of the two years of drought that many parts of our country has experienced, and the worst drought in 56 years our Country has experienced this past summer, farmers, ranchers, dairy men have been culling their livestock back which in itself will cause food prices to soar.

Drought Raises Prime Stakes Droughts often mean higher prices for prime meat a season or more down the road, when smaller herds means fewer calves.

But what is going to put many livestock producers out of business completely is the perfect storm that has developed to cause the highest feed costs this country, and for that matter the world, has ever seen. The perfect storm is not only drought in this country and the Mississippi River drying up where most of the bulk grain is shipped world wide, but also the floods in other parts of the world that has destroyed vast amounts of crops. All the while the world population keeps increasing, with little stored back to feed people and livestock in bad times.

Milking parlour

I just called my feed supplier today that my wife and I have used for years to feed our herd of meat goats we raise to ship to San Angelo, Texas to the big livestock auction barn. Last winter livestock producers were scrambling to find feed for $300 a ton. The ton price I was just quoted, and I want to remind you it is still summer, the ton price depending on what supplier I want for my breeders cubes, some call it cake, ranges from a low of $506 a ton to a high of $526 a ton!!! Winter is always the time of high prices. What I am trying to relay to you is many livestock producers will not be able to operate with this huge price increases for feed. And the ones who do survive will have to pass the cost along to the consumer or they cannot stay in business!

Bottom line, if you like milk, eggs, meat in your diet, be prepared to pay huge price increases at the store for your food. It is coming, prepare now. Take this warning seriously from someone who may not be a huge commercial operation, but is a small family rancher, that a blood bath comes our way for the producer and the consumer. May God have mercy on our country and its people. Amen


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