Jon Stewart Slams Mainstream Media In Front Of News Icon Tom Brokaw

jon stewart

The Daily Show

Legendary newsman Tom Brokaw was on The Daily Show last night, pitching his book and talking about how the media has changed profoundly when it comes to fact-checking

Stewart pointed out how journalists covering the convention routinely referred to fact-checkers who would go through the speeches and identify points where the candidate misrepresented reality.

He asked Brokaw — a veteran of two dozen conventions — when the field of journalism split and the people covering the conventions no longer felt the need to be the fact checkers.

Brokaw referred to candidates “overreaching” in their speeches. Stewart asked if “overreached” was a nicer way of saying “lied.”

It’s a great chat between a scion of old media and a hero of new media. Watch the whole interview below:

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