Alex Jones published a surprising paper on flexible quantitative (QE3). The information that was exposed is very interesting, and is also somehow telling the world prepare for the worst between the months October-November-December. The paradigm shift is accelerated and has no turning back. The collapse is inevitable. The world will have to replace the dollar. Check here the link:

My comment:
The Federal Reserve is a secret society illuminati. This system is privately owned and not owned by the government. The system was initiated by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, with the sole purpose of gaining control of the world economy. The creators of the Federal Reserve are the founders of the Council on Foreign Relations(CFR), which are interconnected with Freemasonry, the Trilateral Commission, theBilderbergs, the Club of Rome, the Committee of 300 (which controls the finances, insurance, politics , industry, and religion, and leader of this Committee is Queen Elizabeth), G-8, Knights of Malta, Vatican, World Economic Forum; Rosicrucianism, the Knights of the Garter, the Priory of Sion (they believe to be the bloodline of the Holy Grail bloodline of the antichrist) and others.

The Federal Reserve slashed interest rates and loans to lower levels of history. This type of monetary policy triggered the debt crisis, which erupted after an implosion in 2008. Starting from that point on the dollar has become inflationary. Then this money was injected into the U.S. banking system by devaluing the dollar even more, with the prints, fiat money. It is because of that that QE2 failed. And now in 2012, the Fed again, injected the third round of prints fiat money to banks to defend themselves against multiple crises to come. The Federal Reserve is not insane, she knows very well what he is doing. She wants to destroy the dollar and replace it with the AMERO. This is the political illuminati.

As you see, is all part of a plan!!

If there really is an economic recovery, so why the Fed is still keeping interest rates at almost zero after almost three years, and that keeps measures Quantitative Flexible ?

The logic is that this will spill over into a hyper-inflation!!

Alex Jones is right to say that there will be hyperinflation. The collapse of the dollar is inevitable. The probability is very low in saying that the dollar will again rise. This will hurt exports and mainly OPEC. The result will be a currency crisis. The whole world will opt for other reserve currencies, will opt for gold, will opt for various exchange mechanisms, ie, it will not stop, the dollar will fall like a stone.

So what is the solution? AMERO.

The illuminati plan is to present the AMERO, in the world between November-December as shown in some of the articles posted anterios. See the link here:

I think things are going very fast.
The plan is being followed to the letter, the illuminati plan is functioning !!

We have to wait and see how things will unfold. If these changes occur, the AMERO will be the currency that is circulated electronically on the world market. This means that the next step of the illuminati is World War III.

Are you prepared?

Published by       Alexandre Silva



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