BREAKING Obama Training Army & DHS To Kill Christians! {Video}


Brothers & sisters please watch the video, click on all the links below and read the posts by Fox News reporter Todd Starnes and get educated on this fast and then please share this with others and then click the link below to your Congressman and Senators and let them know NOW we will not tolerate this outrageous, illegal and treasonous behavior by The White House. DO IT NOW and please pray for our country. As Christians we truly live in dangerous times. Do not sit back and do nothing and be led to the slaughter by these Godless liberals who are trying to destroy our country and WE THE PEOPLE. God Bless you all. Pastor Gary Gardner

Glen Beck Details This True And Disturbing Must See Story. Please Share This With Others We Must Wake Up All The People Who Are Unaware That Our Government Has Been Taken Over By Godless Tyrants!







Material presented to soldiers at training session.


Army Labeled Evangelicals as Religious Extremists




Army Email Labels Christian Ministries as “Domestic Hate Groups”


Army: Keep an Eye on Anti-Gay, Anti-Muslim Soldiers


The Army’s List of “Domestic Hate Groups”


Material presented to soldiers at training session.


Lawmakers Want Army to Apologize for Attacks on Christians

United States House of Representatives



United States Senate


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