Prophetic News: Mitt Romney wants to rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.

Published by   Alexandre Silva

Prophecy: “And he (antichrist) shall confirm the covenant with many for one week (seven years) and at mid-week (three and a half years) will stop the sacrifice …” [Daniel 9:27]
This prophecy refers to the antichrist, which, at the right time in history, will make a national covenant with the Nation of Israel and the rest of the world. Now, for that the antichrist may cease the sacrifice as predicted, it first needs to make the sacrifice every day under the Levitical law, and for that to happen, it will need a temple, a shrine. As the antichrist will claim to be the messiah, so he will have to do everything that is written in the law of Moses. So he’ll have to rebuild the Temple of Solomon which was destroyed in 70 AD. Jesus Christ said many irião appears claiming to be the messiah, and that there would be wars, famines, earthquakes, etc … (Matthew 24:5-15), Jesus also said it would be the abomination of desolation in the holy place, ie in the temple. When Jesus said this, He was quoting the prophecy of Daniel 9:27, 11:31, 12:11. As you see, the prophecy says that in the future, in the end time (Dan. 12:9), the temple would be defiled (Daniel 11:31, 12:11). Today the Temple of Solomon is no more, then someone will have to rebuild the temple, so that after the antichrist possar profane it, thus fulfilling the prophecy.

NOTE: All Christians agree that God will rapture His elect children of this world at any time that He choose, but there are several logical reasons to believe that this event will occur before the covenant of the antichrist.

Now let’s see the plan of the Illuminati to put the Maitreya (the antichrist) on the world stage: The Maitreya restored should reappear on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem at the time of a major earthquake. He should enter Jerusalem from the east, escorted by a procession of rejoicing followers dressed in shining white. He must proceed to the Temple Mount to be enthroned, anointed and crowned King of the New Israel. The ancient temple must be rebuilt. The existing buildings on the Temple Mount will be destroyed. As you see, the Masons want to rebuild the Temple of Solomon, and the only thing that prevents it is the Mosque (Dome of the Rock). The plan calls for the destruction of the Dome of the Rock Islamic through war-arab-phase2, triggering World War III, and then the antichrist will appear, formalizing the pact and rebuild the temple.

NOTE: The Temple of Solomon is the Heart and Soul of Freemasonry!
The antichrist is a master-masonic above the Grade 33, Seventh Level Adept Occult
The Illuminati plan to put Maitreya on the world stage will fulfill prophecies!

Now we will see the news:
“This news says that Mitt Romney has a great love for Jerusalem and the Jews and Mormons have been dedicated long ago, in the name of the messiah, to prepare to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the city and the temple.”

Another news says more something, check here:
“This news says that the Jews are calling for reforms in the basic laws in order to establish a Third Temple in Jerusalem. They say that the temple should be rebuilt in Jerusalem and that fundamental changes to Israeli society and government are necessary in order to carry out the project’s success. “

As you see, this burning desire to rebuild the temple is prophetic!
This means that the Lord’s Day is closer than we think!

As Mitt Romney is a Mormon-Masonic-Illuminati and candidate for U.S. president, he has a plan Mormon to save the AMERICA. He is not the antichrist, and yes, another agent of the Illuminati. OBAMA was trained to unleash chaos, and Romney is being trained to provide solutions. For this reason, we believe he will win the elections for U.S. president at the time of the Peace 2012 is being established. Then he would be President in 2013 in order to maintain this temporary peace and try to rebuild the temple. That such action will irritate the Arab world, which in this case will trigger World War III. Remember the words of the Apostle Paul says, 1Th 5:3  “For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.”

The events of today prove this we are in the end times, and very close to the appearance of the antichrist.


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Monday, September 10, 2012
Israeli science group: Obama birth certificate fake

Israel Science and Technology has published an article asserting the long-form birth certificate of President Barack Obama released by the White House is a forged document. Photo Credit:AP

Israel Science and Technology, the national database and directory of science and technology-related websites in Israel, has published an article asserting the long-form birth certificate released by the White House is a forged document.

[Israel Hanukoglu, Ph.D.] established the first version of his website during his tenure as Netanyahu’s science adviser. The site has evolved into “the premier science and technology portal for Israel.” …

The website says the publication “of such a blatantly fake document about something so basic as the birthplace of Mr. Obama, should raise great concern about the suitability of the person who is holding the reigns on the most powerful country of the World.”


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Did Obama Just Make A Deal With Israel To Delay The War With Iran Until After The Election?

Barack Obama cares about Barack Obama far more than he does about either Israel or Iran.  And as far as Barack Obama is concerned, delaying the coming war between Israel and Iran until after the election is what is best for Barack Obama.  Just think about it.  If Israel attacked Iran right now, who would that please?  It would mostly please hardcore Republicans, and they are not going to vote for Obama anyway.  To independents and liberals, Obama would look like a guy that couldn’t stop war from happening in the Middle East.  If the U.S. showed support for the Israeli attack, that would greatly discourage his anti-war supporters from going to the polls.  If the U.S. did not show support for the Israeli attack, Obama would potentially lose many of the Jewish voters that he desperately needs in swing states such as Florida.  A war between Israel and Iran is a no-win situation for Obama right now, and as I wrote about yesterday, the Obama administration has been trying to discourage Israel from attacking Iran for weeks.  Well, now it is being reported in major international news sources that a deal has been reached between Obama and Israel.  Obama is going to publicly declare what the “red lines” are that will cause the U.S. to strike Iran’s nuclear program, and the U.S. military is going to send some of their most advanced bunker busting bombs to Israel.  Those bombs will come in very handy in getting at the Iranian nuclear facilities that are hidden underground.  In return, Israel has apparently agreed to delay the attack on Iran until after the election.  So would Barack Obama really play politics with war in the Middle East?  Of course he would.  Barack Obama is obsessed with winning a second term and he would make a deal with just about anyone if it will get him closer to his goal.

The Israelis really did not want to go ahead with an attack on Iran without U.S. support anyway.  They feel like time is running out to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power, but without the support of the United States it would have been hard to justify an attack to the rest of the world.

So in the end, it looks like both sides are going to get what they want.  At some point there will be an attack on Iran’s nuclear program, and Obama gets it delayed until after the election.

According to Fox News, Israeli officials have admitted that they have been involved in talks with the Obama administration about Iran’s nuclear program….

Israeli officials said Tuesday they are in close discussions with the United States over how to deal with the Iranian nuclear program, seeking to ease tensions that have emerged between the two allies over a possible Israeli military strike against Iran.

The dialogue, in which Israel is looking for President Barack Obama to take a tough public position against Iran, suggests the odds of an Israeli attack in the near term have been reduced.

But I have not found a U.S. news source that is reporting on the details of the deal that has apparently been reached.  The following is from an Israeli news source….

The United States may supply Israel with advanced Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) bunker-buster bombs that can penetrate through up to 60 feet (almost 20 meters) of reinforced concrete, reports Maariv Tuesday.

This is part of a deal being worked out between the countries, which also includes the supply of refueling jets.

This equipment will make the job of demolishing Iran’s nuclear weapon production array more feasible for Israel, should it decide to do so.

In exchange for the weapons, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will agree to hold off on an independent attack until after the U.S. elections. President Barack Obama fears that a war could negatively affect his chances of being reelected. Israel, on the other hand, fears that Obama’s re-election could create diplomatic and military conditions that allow Iran to acquire the weapon it needs for killing millions of Israelis.

The latest generation of bunker busting bombs is reportedly unlike anything that has ever been seen before.  The following is how a recent Wired articledescribed them….

It’s an absolutely ginormous bomb designed to convince rogue regimes that there is no redoubt for the manufacture of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons buried deep enough to escape the U.S. Air Force.

Reportedly, the U.S. Air Force has spent approximately 200 million dollarsdeveloping these bombs.

In addition, the Israeli government has been pressuring Obama to take a firm public stand against Iran, and it looks like that is about to happen.

According to the Telegraph, Barack Obama will shortly announce the “red lines” that would cause the U.S. to launch a military strike against Iran.

But of course none of those “red lines” will be crossed until after the election in November.

You can take that one to the bank.

Obama is a political animal and he is going to do what is best for his political career.

So why aren’t we hearing about this deal between Obama and Israel in the U.S. media?

Well, it is because the U.S. media is so busy covering all of the other important news items of the day.  Just check out some of the headlines that I pulled off of major U.S. news websites earlier today….

“Katie Couric’s new talk show digs a little deeper”

“Michelle Obama on how she’ll pick DNC dress”

“When exercise equipment lies”

“Kelly Ripa reveals new ‘Live!’ co-host”

“Heidi and Seal Top Hollywood’s Nastiest Divorces”

“Ready for iPhone 5? Apple is”

“Prince Harry steps out for first time since scandal”

In America, the media tells us what the news is going to be, and the American people accept it.  The media is dominated by just a handful of incredibly powerful corporate conglomerates, so the news is actually not that hard to control.

I would think that it would be important for the American people to know that the date for the war with Iran has been pushed back until after the election because Obama wanted it that way, but obviously the big news networks disagree with me.

What do all of you think?